Lost In A FlashFoward EXCLUSIVE! Twin Peaks- Interview with Walter Olkewicz. Will Jean-Michel be back in the show? Will there be a season four of Twin Peaks? (English Version)

The role of Jacques Renault has been very important in the facts about drugs and prostitution  in which some poor Twin Peaks's girl has fallen into, like Laura Palmer - even in the night she died - Ronette Pulaski and Theresa Banks. Then Jacques got killed and we didn't expect to see him again on "Twin Peaks: The Return", but here he is, alive and well behind the counter in the Roaudhouse...but it's not exactly him, it's his brother Jean-Michel. 

Lost In A FlashForward has an EXCLUSIVE interview with Walter Olkewitcz, the actor who plays them both.

LIAFF: Hi Walter! First of all, how are you?

W. O.: Still fighting the fight. But better every day, thanks for asking. [Walter has serious health issues that we're gonna discuss at the end of the interview]

LIAFF: I'm glad to hear that, I hope you will be totally fine very soon.

Let's talk about Twin Peaks, what can you tell me about your relationship with David Lynch?

W.O.: Always been good...so glad he did some rewriting so I could be in the new seson. 

LIAFF: How have you been called for the new season?

W.O.: Well, David and I are old friends, we went to Cannes together 25 years ago...he just decided he wanted me and called to ask if I'd like to play my own brother Jean-Michel.

LIAFF: Did he call himself?

W.O.: No, one of the producers called.

LIAFF: And how did you react? Did you expect it? Were you happy?

W.O.: I was delighted! Over the moon! I hadn't worked in over ten years. And I didn't expect it since my character died in the first seson. But David personally wanted me back so he created a brother.

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LIAFF: How di it feel to be back with your old cast and crew?

W.O.: It wa great seeing ol friends.

LIAFF: I'm sure it was. With which one are you more bonded to?

James Marshall
W.O.: I was always good friends with James Marshall...good to see him again.
LIAFF: Did you stayed in touch all these years?

W.O.: We kept running into each other at autographs shows. 

LIAFF: Yeah, Twin Peaks Festivals and stuff like this I assume.

W.O.: Yes. Once I worked on the show I became more determined to heal and get out of this wheelchair.

LIAFF: Of course a good purpose drives you to be stronger. I really hope you get rid of that wheelchair soon. 

About the new character, is he a twin or a younger brother? They're almost identical! 

W.O.: I don't know, he hasn't established that yet.

LIAFF: Ok. For now we saw you in two episodes and both times you were at the Roadhouse, are you the owner? It looks like this.

:W.O.:  Yes, Roadhouse has been owned by Renault family for over 50 years.

Jacques Renault
LIAFF: So it stayed in the family even if Jacques is dead.

W. O.: Obviously Jean-Michel took it over. 

LIAFF: And he runs a traffic of prostitution too. So, same bad attitude.

W. O. : Yes, not a nice family.

LIAFF: Will we see you again?

W. O.: No idea. Not this year. If there's a second season yes.

LIAFF: So you didn't shoot more.

W. O.: No. 

LIAFF: Rumor has it that there will be another season, what do you know about it?

W.O.: Nothing. I hope you're right.

W. O.: In order to be able to take part of it I need to get my health back and to do that I need money because I have to do very expensive treatments, so I'm asking you to hep me to spread my request for help, by donating in the web site YouCaring. For those who donate I will send some great picture collages from Twin Peaks 25 years ago - pictures most people have never seen. Anybody that donates...say $50 - I'd be glad to send autographed pics.

So, Twin Peaks fans, dig in with the donations, because it's good to be kind with people in need and also because we all want to see the great Walter Olkewicz - very nice person, nothing like his characters - in case the master David Lynch gave us (please, please, please!) another season of the greatest show ever.

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